Vitacio® Natural Pheromones Fragrance Oils

Natural Aphrodisiacs Have Enjoyed and Ever-Increasing Market Demand, and VitacioUK® Proudly Formulates and Distributes the Most Natural and Potent Formulas Available to The Public Through Complimentary Health Supplement Products.

The Most Efficient Transfer of Natural Pheromones is Ensured Through the Use of Carefully Sourced Essential Oil Blends. We Produce a Range of 10 Exotic and Fruity Blends that Will Induce Powerful Erogenous Effects on The Seductive Senses Whilst Boosting Individual Confidence & Heightening Levels of Sexual Awareness. Our Proprietary Blends Increases and Energizes Attraction Between Partners and Increases the Intensity of Physical Intimacy.  

Be Sure to Click on Details to View the Actual Qualities of the Individual Blends We Have Created. With Ten Fabulous Pheromone Blends to Choose from, You Are Sure to Find a Favourite.

Natural Pheromones Fragrance Oils

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